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        1. The task _______ in an hour. Then we can go home and have a good rest.

        A. was finished B. will be finished

        C. has been finished D. can't be finished

        2. Don't worry. Your package _______ here until you come back, so enjoy shopping here.

        A. will keep B. has kept

        C. will be kept D. has been kept

        3. Many students_______ chances to show themselves in class because the class size is too big.

        A. don’t give B. aren’t given

        C. haven’t given D. won’t give

        4. The Chinese writer has got lots of fans in France. His new book _______ into French as soon

        as it came out.

        A. was translated B. translated

        C. is translated D. translates

        5. — Oh, my God. I can't find my key to the office.

        — Don't worry. Perhaps it ________ at your home.

        A. left B. has left

        C. was left D. had left

        6. —What happened to Billy?

        —He _______ because of his drink-driving.

        A. is caught B. was caught

        C. has caught D. had caught


        7. The dress _______ smooth and soft.

        A. felt B. feels

        C. is felt D. is feeling

        8. When you leave the room, make sure the door ________.

        A. was locked B. is locked

        C. will be locked D. should be locked

        9. — Alice, you ________ on the phone.

        — I’m coming. Thanks.

        A. want B. are wanting

        C. are wanted D. is wanted

        10. Many trees and flowers ________ in our school last year,and they made our school a beautiful


        A. plant B. planted

        C. have planted D. were planted

        11. The trees must _________ three times a week.

        A. water B. is watering

        C. be watered D. is watered

        12. Mr. Johnson’s story ________ by everyone who heard it.

        A. laughed at B. was laughed

        C. was laughed at D. is laughed

        13. When and where to go for the holiday ________ yet.

        A. are not decided B. have not been decided

        C. has not been decided D. has not decided

        14. —What do you think of the football match yesterday?

        —Well. It’s surprising. The strongest team of our school __________.

        A. was beaten B. scored

        C. was failed D. beat

        15. To make our city more beautiful, rubbish ________ into the river.

        A. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown

        C. can’t throw D. can’t throw







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